SC85F Driving type single brush scrubbing machine

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SC85F Driving type single brush scrubbing machine
No.Characteristics   Unit    SC85-850F
1Work rangemm510
2Width of Suction headmm850
3Brush diametermm510
4Continuous working hoursh3-4
5Work efficiencym2/h3000
6Brush rpmrpm220
7Brush motorv/w24V/550
8Brush pressurekg35
9Suction motorv/w24/500
10Suction vacuummbar220
11Drive motorv/w24/500
12Travel Speedkm/h0-12
14Solution tankL80
15Recovery tankL85
17Weight (including battery)kg220
18Machine size(L*H*W)mm1300*850*1150


1、 In order to avoid maintenance battery as the power, the battery does not need to add water, no post-maintenance, low carbon and environmental protection;
2、 The original imported fan AMETK suction motor is adopted, with low noise and stable performance;
3、Oversized water tank solves the problem that small scrubbers need to add water frequently;
4、Integrated design of scrubbing and drying, after use, the ground is dry and there is no trace of water;
5、 Intelligent charging, automatic protection after fully charged, avoiding the phenomenon that the old charger will burn out the battery after a long charging time;
6、 The product is small in size and beautiful in appearance, enhancing the company's image;
7、 Small turning radius, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
8、 High working efficiency, mechanized operation, can clean 3000 square meters per hour;
9、 Good cleaning effect, comes with sewage recovery box, sewage, sand, automatic suction sewage box.

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