SC-1900F Electric cabin rider sweeper

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SC-1900F Electric cabin rider sweeper 
1Work rangemm1900
2Cleaning efficiencym2/h18000
4Main brush lenghmm850
5Side brush’s diametermm500
7Continuous working hoursh6-8
8Water tankL70
9Dustbin capacityL200
10Drive motorw2000
11Operation powerw800+600*2+150*4+80*2
Main brush+Suction+Side brush+dust vibrating
12Working speedkm/h0-10
13Travel speedkm/h0-15
14Filter Aream216
15Turning radiusmm0
16Size (L*W*H)mm2150*1900*1950
17Net weightkg920

Features1. The fully-enclosed floor sweeper is an all-in-one automatic sweeping machine that integrates vacuuming, sweeping and watering.
2. The rear axle drive has strong power.
3. Adopting the climbing assist system, when working on slopes, the climbing assist can be opened to improve the climbing ability.
2. Large-capacity maintenance-free power battery, while improving power, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
3. Built-in dust control system, adopt double suction design, stronger dust suction ability.
4. Double-drum filter shock-dust design, high-efficiency shock-dust.
5. Disc brakes ensure safer uphill and downhill work.
6. Fully automatic main brush and side brush lifting system makes the operation easier.
7. Configure LED headlights to work safely and reliably in the early morning and evening.
8. Fully transparent glass cab with wide view, equipped with fire extinguisher and fire hammer, greatly improving safety.
9. Solid wear-resistant tires, strong and durable, stronger passing ability.
10. It is equipped with multimedia power amplifier, cockpit fan and skylight to make work more comfortable.

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