SC280 Ride on Scrubber

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SC280 Ride on Scrubber

1Work rangemm1050
2Width of Suction headmm1350
3Brush diametermm500*2
4Continuous working hoursh5
5Work efficiency㎡/h9000
6Brush rpmr/min200
7Brush motorv/w36/500*2
8Brush pressurekg120
9Suction motorv/w36/550
10Suction vacuummbar700
11Drive motorv/w36/1200
12Travel Speedkm/h0-15
14Solution tankL280
15Recovery tankL300
16Battery(Ah/v)(n.)36V DC/200AH/6pcs
17Machine weight(with battery)kg850
18Machine weight(with package)kg870
19Machine size(L*H*W)mm2000*1200*1500
20Automatic Detergent measure
21Safety code display


1. The application of CHILWEE/TIANNENG maintenance Free Battery is more eco-friendly.

2. HD LCD display offers the possibility of knowing the real-time working conditions of the scrubber without disassembling the whole equipment.
3. The application of intelligent charger eliminates the risk of battery’s getting burned due to over-charging.
4. The application of electronic lock keeps the scrubber beyond the reach of green hands.
5. Superb suction and low noise level, realized by the dual air-suction system and AMETEK Three-layer wind leaf motor, make the scrubber suitable for those applications with strict requirements on noise level.
6. Flip type water absorption motor makes it convenient for maintenance and lowers the noise level.
7.  One-time forming aluminum curved water absorbing accessories removes the risk of water leakage during water suction process.
8.  Water level sensor in the drain tank ensures the safety of motor, which will stop working when the waste water reaches the warning water level.
9. The replacement of absorbent strip needs no special tools and both sides of the strip can be used before its replacement.
10. Water level observing tube of the clean water tank makes it possible to see how much water is still there and whether it needs more water.
11. Drain tank can rotate 90 degrees.
12. Brush disk and air suction are started by a single press. 

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