SC1900A Electric cabin rider sweeper

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1.Designed with enlarged chassis, the sweeping width is 1,900mm, which offers high work efficiency.

2.Solid enlarged tire increases the product trafficability.

3.Large dust filter can completely clean up the dust; the electric vibrator can automatically clean the filter screen.

4.Use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, featured by no leakage, no harmful gases and optional lithium battery.

5.The machine is featured with advanced cleaning and throwing-off technology, the theoretical value of waste hopper utilization rate is up to 100%.

6.High-quality electric control system with overcurrent and undervoltage protection; offers safer and anti-slip slope experience.

7.Full LED headlights;high-pressure spray and dust suppression system to avoid secondary dust re-entrainment.

8.Ergonomic design,the seats can be adjusted to the most comfortable state.

9.Optional PFC charger, optional model free of windshield.

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