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Tabletop booklet maker BMP350,with innovative optional square-back function,is a compact-design, efficient and durable machine. This tabletop unit has a total of two stapling heads with four stapling positions, which can fold and staple up to 30 sheets of 70gsm paper, which equals to a booklet of about 120 pages.The stapling head has innovative and heavy-duty function with patented design.The machine also greatly comes with 2 optional working speed with or without Square-Back function. Simple push button operation and digital control panel is as standard. The machine can handle with a wide range of paper sizes. This includes pages as small as A5 paper(5-1/2”*8-1/2”)to SRA3 paper(12”*18”).  The machine is with great safety feature on the designed cover,which will prevent operators from any injure risk when operation.

Technical Features:

1、Digital control panel

2、Smart Fine-Tuning knob

3、Adjustable feed tray

4、Innovative stapling heads

5、Safety access cover

6、With or without Square-back function shift by simple digital setting

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